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Tinder is revamping its verification process, aiming to enhance user safety and authenticity on the platform. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and navigating Tinder’s new verification procedure:

What’s New with Tinder Verification?

  • Tinder now requires users to upload both a video selfie and a photo of a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to receive a blue checkmark on their profile.
  • The ID verification process matches the photo on the ID to the user’s profile pictures and verifies the user’s age to ensure compliance with Tinder’s policies.

Understanding Data Privacy Policies

  • Tinder retains a redacted image of your ID for 30 days after verification, along with two screenshots from your video selfie for auditing purposes.
  • Your video selfie is deleted after 30 days, but the two screenshots are kept indefinitely.
  • Tinder assures users that it does not store or extract additional data from the ID, such as address or ID number.

Evaluating the Risks

  • While verification can enhance security and weed out fake accounts, it involves sharing sensitive personal information online.
  • Cybersecurity experts caution against sharing government-issued IDs on platforms that may be vulnerable to data breaches.

Considering Alternatives

  • Other dating apps like Bumble, Hinge, and OKCupid offer verification through selfies and videos without requiring photo IDs.
  • Tinder’s latest update introduces a camera icon as an alternative verification badge for users who prefer not to share their IDs.

The Benefits of Profile Verification

  • Verified profiles signal authenticity and can lead to increased matches and dates, according to Tinder’s pilot program results.
  • Profile verification badges help users identify genuine accounts and protect themselves from online romance scams.

Tinder’s enhanced verification process aims to promote trust and safety among users by ensuring the authenticity of profiles. While sharing a photo ID entails risks, it can also enhance your online dating experience by fostering genuine connections and reducing the prevalence of fake accounts.