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It’s no easy feat trying to run modern PC games on hardware that’s over a decade old. Sure, you could hunt for games that don’t demand a beefy graphics card, or you could take matters into your own hands. If you’re keen on breathing fresh life into an aging PC, as old as an Intel Core 2000 series from 2011, consider exploring the ReBarUEFI mod, gaining traction on GitHub.

PCIe Resizable BAR (Base Address Register) offers a means for enhanced communication between the video memory on your graphics card and your CPU. While the concept is intricate and requires compatible components, the payoff in gaming performance can be substantial. Although initially associated with Intel’s Arc graphics cards, the benefits extend to hardware from other manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD.

Enter ReBarUEFI. Created by GitHub user XCuri0 and a team of collaborators, this tool enables ReBAR on systems where it’s unsupported by the motherboard. Impressively, it can breathe new life into relatively ancient PCs. Users with PCIe-2 systems sporting processors like the Core i5 2500K or i5-3470, coupled with graphics cards such as the Radeon RX 580, have reported significant framerate boosts of up to 12 percent.

Unlocking an additional 12 percent of performance from a PC old enough to be considered vintage is nothing short of remarkable. However, this endeavor isn’t without its challenges. Implementing ReBarUEFI demands meticulous adherence to instructions and potentially multiple patches. Given the involvement of UEFI or BIOS modifications, there’s a risk of encountering booting issues. While the likelihood of irreparable damage is slim, it’s prudent to back up essential files before embarking on this venture.