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When it comes to coding tools, Visual Studio stands out as one of the most widely used and trusted platforms. However, procuring it directly from Microsoft can be a hefty investment, with a monthly subscription setting you back $45. Fortunately, StackSocial offers a compelling alternative with a deal that slashes the price of Visual Studio Pro 2022 for Windows to just $36. But here’s the catch – you’ll need to apply the coupon code ENJOY20 during checkout to avail of this discounted rate.

While basic text editors suffice for smaller coding tasks, tackling larger-scale projects demands a more robust solution. Enter the integrated development environment (IDE), a software suite that not only facilitates code writing and editing but also streamlines the debugging process. Microsoft Visual Studio, a 64-bit IDE, boasts advanced tools and seamless integrations, simplifying the management of substantial workloads and expansive projects.

With Visual Studio Pro, you gain the ability to develop across various languages and platforms, aided by IntelliCode’s predictive coding assistance, which enhances speed and accuracy. Additionally, features like CodeLens provide valuable insights into recent changes, tests, and authors, fostering collaboration and code consistency within teams.

However, opting for this deal over the full subscription version comes with a few considerations. The provided code grants access to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 on a single device only, precluding installation on multiple machines or transfer in the event of device failure. Moreover, you’ll miss out on the Azure access and credit included in the Microsoft subscription. Nonetheless, updates are included with your purchase, ensuring longevity for as long as you own your current device. Just ensure your device meets the system requirements before proceeding to checkout.

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