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While gaming enthusiasts clamor for OLED upgrades in monitors and laptops, artists seeking the ultimate drawing experience now have reason to rejoice. Enter Wacom’s latest innovation: the Movink, the inaugural release in a new line of monitor-tablet hybrids tailored for on-the-go creativity.

Weighing a mere 420 grams (.92 pounds) and measuring a slim 4mm thin, the Movink excels in both portability and performance. Compared to Wacom’s One 13 monitor-tablet, it’s less than half the weight, ensuring effortless mobility. Better yet, connectivity is a breeze with just a USB-C cable needed for both data transfer and power, enabling seamless integration with PCs and mobile devices alike.

With artists in mind, the Movink features an anti-glare OLED screen boasting exceptional color accuracy. While the resolution may be modest at 1920×1080, the display dazzles with 100 percent DCI-P3 color accuracy, 95 percent Adobe RGB coverage, and Pantone Validation for true-to-life color reproduction. Leveraging OLED technology, the screen offers unparalleled vibrancy and contrast for immersive drawing sessions.

Though the Movink sports only two ExpressKeys for tool control, the included Pro Pen 3—with an integrated nib holder—provides a familiar and intuitive drawing experience. Compatible with all Wacom pens and select third-party styluses, the tablet ensures versatility across various creative workflows. Plus, compatibility extends to any device supporting DisplayPort over USB-C, including ChromeOS and select Android phones.

However, for enthusiasts eyeing Wacom’s latest offering, price considerations may come into play. Priced at $750, the Movink commands a premium, with additional costs for optional accessories like a carrying case and fold-up stand. While not the most budget-friendly option in Wacom’s lineup, its blend of portability, performance, and OLED brilliance is sure to entice digital artists seeking a versatile tool for work and travel alike.