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What is the best portable charger for Android overall?

Keeping your phone charged when you’re on the go can be challenging. If you’re not near an outlet to plug in, you may end up with a dead phone while out hiking, spending time at the beach, or hanging out at an amusement park this summer. Though many Android devices have better battery life than iPhones, they still need a little help on occasion. That’s where portable chargers come in.

If you rely on a battery case to keep your phone running, you’re not alone. Battery cases are convenient, but they have some drawbacks: Some are bulky and heavy, and they can negatively affect wireless reception at times. That’s why nothing beats a dedicated portable charger or power bank that you can store easily and take out only when you need it. With both wired and wireless models, there’s a slew of options when it comes to keeping your Android device going.

I’ve rounded up top picks for the best portable charger for Android devices. Although they cost more, I like batteries that have an integrated USB-C output built into them so I don’t have to worry about carrying around a charging cable for enough power for my devices. (The models with built-in USB-C cables should also work for iPad Pro devices.) I’ve also included some budget picks for folks who don’t want to shell out as much for portable power. We have a separate power bank roundup for iPhones, but anything here without an integrated USB-C cable will work perfectly well with an iPhone (and non-Pro iPad models), so long as you provide the Lightning cable.

The InfinityLab InstaGo 5000 has a built-in USB-C connector for Android devices

Best power bank with built-in USB-C cable

InfinityLab InstaGo 5000

$60 at REI


Slim high-capacity battery with USB-C fast charging

Anker 523 PowerCore Slim 10K PD

$26 at Amazon


Most versatile portable battery

Anker PowerCore III 10K Portable Charger

$50 at Walmart

Image of Mophie Power Station Mini (2022)

Compact powerbank with fast charging

Mophie Power Station Mini (2022)

$40 at Zagg

Image of Anker 733 Power Bank

Best power bank that’s also a 65W charger

Anker 733 Power Bank

$80 at Walmart

The Anker PowerCore Fusion plugs into a wall outlet but has a built-in battery

Best value wall charger with built-in battery

Anker PowerCore Fusion Portable Charger

$30 at Amazon

Image of Anker 622 MagGo magnetic battery

Best magnetic power bank with integrated stand

Anker 622 MagGo magnetic battery

$45 at Amazon

Image of Mophie Snap Plus Juice Pack Mini

Mophie Snap Plus Juice Pack Mini

$20 at Walmart

The myCharge Hub 4400 has integrated Lighting and USB-C cables

Best dual iPhone and Android portable charger

myCharge Hub 4400 (no longer available new)

See at Best Buy


Power bank that converts into wireless charging stand

Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank (update: discontinued)

See at Newegg