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When I first encountered the Torras Coolify Cyber at CES 2024, its potential to combat Delhi’s scorching summers immediately caught my attention. Now, after using it intermittently over the past eight weeks, I can confidently say it’s become one of my favorite heat-beating gadgets. Even better, it’s still discounted post-Amazon’s Fourth of July sales, now priced at a cool $279.

The Torras Coolify Cyber is a wearable air conditioner designed to sit comfortably around your neck. Initially skeptical about its long-term performance and potential overheating during prolonged use, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It features an ergonomic design with a cooling ceramic plate against the neck, complemented by efficient fan vents that ensure consistent comfort on hot, humid days. I’ve found it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, with the option to switch to warm air via a button press for cooler climates. With three fan settings and three temperature modes (heat, fan, and cool), it proves its utility across all seasons.

Living in Delhi, where temperatures can soar above 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit), this wearable AC has become indispensable. While indoors, air conditioning provides relief, but outdoors, the Torras Coolify Cyber is my go-to solution. Its continuous cold airflow helps manage discomfort even during active outdoor pursuits under the blistering sun. For anyone seeking respite from oppressive weather conditions, this portable air conditioner is a must-have.

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