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This thing looks like it should attach to my ancient Palm Pilot, but it’s hiding a shockingly powerful laptop inside its tiny folding frame.

Keyboards that hide full computer guts under the keys aren’t a new idea. (The Commodore 64 comes to mind, though it’s hardly the only example.) And neither are folding keyboards for mobile devices, since I remember such oddities back in the days of the Palm Pilot.

But a boom in mobile tech and portable power has allowed one gadget maker to combine the two ideas into one.

Meet the Ling Long keyboard, which looks at first glance like any of a dozen Bluetooth folding keyboards on Amazon, except this one is hiding an awesome secret: beneath its low-profile keys is a shockingly compact, full-blown Windows system.

We’re not just talking about some dinky Arm or Atom system, either. The Ling Long keyboard rocks a Ryzen 7 8840 APU with up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of M.2 storage. That’s as capable as a mid-range laptop.