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With Prime Day coming, Amazon is offering $110 off on the Kindle Scribe plus Premium Pen.

Scribbling on the pages of a real book is a capital sin, but not when you have a Kindle Scribe. It has all the features of a Kindle except you can also write and draw directly on the pages of your ebooks.

And right now the Kindle Scribe is more affordable than ever at $260 for Prime members, a savings of $110 ahead of the big Prime Day event coming up. This is a no-brainer deal for an awesome gadget that isn’t just a top-of-the-line e-reader—it’s a full-blown digital notebook.

The Kindle Scribe is the only Kindle that comes with a digital pen, allowing you to jot down thoughts as you read. Whether it’s stray observations in a fantasy novel, key concepts while studying, or edits in the rough draft of a PDF for work, it’s extremely practical.

You can also create your own Kindle Notebooks to journal, sketch, or take notes, with plenty of whitespace for whatever you want to input.

The Kindle Scribe’s 10.2-inch, 300 PPI, glare-free display makes it feel like you’re actually writing on paper. This particular Kindle Scribe model comes with a Premium Pen, which features a built-in eraser and a shortcut button that you can assign to a specific action.

Note: If you’d rather get the Kindle Scribe with just the Basic Pen, you can still save 30% and only pay $235.

One standout feature of the Kindle Scribe is its ability to convert your handwritten notes to digital text, making it easy to review, search, or share your notes with others.

Battery life is another big win here, as you’ll rarely have to worry about charging the Kindle Scribe. You’ll get months of battery life if you only read, weeks of battery life if you write a lot.

Don’t miss this fantastic deal on a superb device that blends the joy of reading with the practicality of a digital notebook. Grab your Kindle Scribe today and read/write like you’ve never done before.

Since this is a Prime deal, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. If you aren’t yet, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to unlock this deal and thousands of other deals that go live when Prime Day starts. Check back for our favorite Prime Day deals this year!